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Vueling Promo Codes | February 2018

All Vueling Discount Codes for the United Kingdom, best promo vouchers that you can easily use to book online tickets at Vueling.Com, the most famous spanish low cost company. This purchase guarantees for you secure flights all over the world.

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About Vueling

Vueling Airlines SA, also known by the simple name of Vueling Sa or Vueling.Com is a spanish flag carrier, less known than the national Iberia, but the same very qualitative. Vueling is considered a low cost Air Company and acts mainly by exploiting the speed of internet and in a particular way with reservations through the web, by the website Vueling.Com.

Vueling is a low cost airline established in 2004, which offers flights at low prices through direct remote booking methods (by Internet or phone). Vueling owns a fleet of 320-Airbus aircrafts with very flexible fares and with extra charges for some types of additional services. Vueling is a low cost airline mainly known for its competitive prices. Like all low-cost companies offers a base price to which are usually added some extra services or surcharges. For example, paying one of these surcharges, you can bring a pet with you.

Special baggage for Vueling customers. You are allowed to carry in the aircraft cabin a special baggage. The luggage is determined by its size, weight, characteristics or a combination of these. Sometimes the baggage requires a special case, for example for skis, surfboards, bulky musical instruments, etc.. This special baggage is usually carried in the aircraft holds (bulks) and it must be properly positioned and secured so that there is no discomfort or damage during boarding, transport and landing.

Transport base prices at Vueling.com. The ticket prices at Vueling.com website are dynamic (they vary depending on early-booking, seasonal price spikes and how full the plane is). The prices also depend on the marketing channel (web / phone) and include: VAT, fuel supplements (if any), the rate of turn and airport security fees.

You can bring your pets paying an extra fee. Vueling allows user to bring one pet per passenger as hand luggage in the cabin with a maximum of two pets per flight (the booking system may let this service unavailable when the maximum quota is reached or in dangerous weather conditions). You can bring your pets with you paying a fee of 20 EUR (15 GBP) per pet.

Hand luggage and booking at Vueling.com Vueling allows to bring in the aircraft one piece of cabin baggage with a maximum weight of 10 kg and measures 55x40x20 cm not exceeding, at no charge. If your luggage exceeds these measurements and / or weight, you will need to pay an additional 30 EUR (22 GBP).

Accompanied hold baggage (check-in luggage). Vueling allows the transport in the hold of the aircraft up to 5 bags at the rate of 10 EUR (7.60 GBP) per flight and suitcase (up to 23 kg per person) as indicated on the website www.vueling.com. When you book the flight, it will be asked to you to specify the number of luggages to send. If you will arrive at the check-in with more bags than specified on the website, (don't do this!) Vueling will charge a double price. The surplus of the previous limit of 23 kg per person will cost to you additional 7.60 GBP per extra kilogram, up to a maximum of 50 kg per passenger.

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